The most talked about M&A deal at the moment?

After initially rejecting Elon Musk’s overtures, Twitter’s board of directors accepted Musk´s $44 billion offer for the firm on the 25th of April.

However, weeks after, Musk tweeted that he was putting his bid on hold due to alleged “false and misleading” statements during negotiations regarding the prevalence of fake or spam accounts on Twitter.

Consequently, Twitter sued Musk for attempting to abandon the deal, which led Musk to countersue Twitter. A trial date has been set for the near future.

An extra layer has been added to the trial since Delaware Court ruled that Musk could use Twitter´s former security executive, Peiter Zatko´s, whistle-blower complaint. This stated that the company misled the public about its security practices and how it fights hackers and spam.

The situation is ever changing, and we look forward to hearing about the future of this deal- if there is one.

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